Auto locksmith automobile services – Andy’s Locksmith is offering 24 hour auto locksmith services.
Call now for all types of car issues and lockout emergencies 24 hour service, 1-888-242-1321.
We at Andy.Locksmith.24 (at) offer you the most affordable car locksmith services. Our highly trained technicians within 15-30 minutes from your call.

Automobile Locksmith Services at unexpected times

Automobile Services

Automobile Services

Automobile services at Andy’s Chicago Metro Locksmith, is available 27/7 with technicians on standby to deal with any emergency.  These situations usually come as a surprise and in many cases people are not prepared for them.

It is certainly not the time to be looking for a locksmith that has a good reputation, is honest and cares for their clients.  At best searching for a locksmith when you are locked out in a lonely car park is difficult at best. It also places you in a highly vulnerable position, thus, having the number, on your mobile phone or in a handy place in your purse, of a locksmith you can trust can be highly reassuring.

Credentials of locksmiths at Andy’s Chicago Metro Locksmith

All the locksmiths who are employed at Andy’s Chicago Metro Locksmith are rated as experts at automobile situations, with many years of experience to offer their clients, in addition they also keep up to date with the latest technology with regard to the newer vehicles. As a company the locksmiths are all licensed, bonded and insured, and have passed police clearance to ensure your safety at all times.

Auto Locksmith services available:

  • Re-keying car keys
  • Replace lost car keys
  • Replace car locks
  • Locked out of the car? Call our professional auto locksmiths
  • Removal of broken car keys
  • Opening cars and other types of vehicles, in case of a lock out of the car or lock in the vehicle
  • Unlocking auto door locks
  • 24 Hour auto locksmith services, 7 days a week
  • Fast car locksmith emergency services.
  • Car Ignition Repair
  • Key Stuck in Ignition? Call Andy Locksmith
  • Transponder Keys repair – Duplication.

The Right Equipment for the job

Automobile Services

Automobile Services

Andy’s Chicago Metro Locksmith uses high end, top of the line auto locksmith tools, and high tech professional equipment, so that they able to deal with today’s modern automobile technology. They have mobile vans, that are equipped with all necessary tools and equipment, to carry out any type of repair on the spot. You are assured of the best possible service for your car.

Other services on offer

  • Installation of ignitions should they be damaged beyond repair
  • Installation of alarms to prevent vehicles being stolen, repairs and maintenance are also available
  • Repairs to all makes of ignitions
  • Free advice and quotations before work is carried out
  • We guarantee all work and assure customer satisfaction
  • Removal of stuck or broken keys are carried out without damage to the locks
  • All emergencies are given top priority and we assure our customers that we would get to them without delay

Many different vehicles on the road

There are many different vehicles on the road today, and each brand could have a different locking mechanism.   Regardless of the make of vehicle, older models and new models are covered. Locksmiths need to have a vast knowledge of how the different locks work and the solutions to fix them, in an emergency there is no time to read the manuals. The locksmiths at Andy’s Chicago Metro Locksmith have the knowledge and experience to execute the job swiftly and professionally.

Manufacturers are continually looking for security measures that will deter thieves; they set their sights towards newer technologies to do the job.  The locksmiths at Andy’s Chicago Metro Locksmith up-date their knowledge regularly giving them the ability to be able to repair, replace or rekey digital keys, transponder keys and Vat keys.
Andy’s Chicago Metro Locksmith knows how important any vehicle is to its owner – that’s why they treat all cars with great care and respect.