Emergencies happen in all types of weather

Locksmith Emergency Services Chicago

Locksmith Emergency Services Chicago

Emergency locksmiths are an essential service and many people find they have a need for a locksmith in an emergency situation.

A round the world people are getting stuck in either freezing cold weather or sweltering heat, their key won’t open the door, or it gets stuck in the lock, or even broken in the lock.  The elements won’t get kinder to you when locked out. Andy’s Chicago Metro Locksmith understand how these things can happen and how important it is to get to their clients as quickly as possible.

Don’t let an emergency catch you napping

It often happens that people are totally unprepared when an emergency arises, and it’s certainly not the time to be looking for a reliable locksmith that you can trust. Not all locksmiths carry the necessary credentials to ensure that you are dealing with a company whose locksmiths are licensed, bonded and insured, that they have received the necessary training and experience. This cannot be assured from a small advertisement. Therefore it’s always best to have done research into a locksmith company that you might use in an emergency.  When an emergency rises there is no time to do the necessary checks and balances.  Make sure you have a locksmith number handy on your speed dial, in a safe place in your purse or wallet, or in a safe reliable place in your home.

Andy’s Chicago Metro Locksmith offers a full emergency service for residential, commercial and automobile lockout needs:

Locksmith Emergency Services Chicago

Locksmith Emergency Services Chicago

If you find yourself in one of the following situations call Andy’s Chicago Metro Locksmith, they will respond immediately and be with you very shortly:

  • Any emergency lockout
  • Opening of car doors, trunks, house doors, commercial buildings, safes or any place where you are unable to gain entry
  • Repairs to locks and ignitions
  • Upgrades of any type of lock
  • Duplication of keys
  • Keys made when they are lost from the lock
  • Rekeying of locks when a key is lost or stolen.

24/7 immediate response time

Rapid response to an emergency call, once the call is logged, a locksmith will be sent out to attend to your call. You will recognize them by the logo on their mobile van. The locksmith will also introduce themselves and assure you who they are.   The locksmith will assess the damage or situation and then issue a quote for work to be done.  Despite the fact that it’s an emergency situation you will find their prices reasonable.

Once the quotation has been signed and accepted, the locksmith will carry out the necessary repairs on site in the mobile van, which is equipped with the necessary technology and tools. All work is guaranteed, free from defects and they stand by their promise of reasonable prices.

Make sure that you have Andy’s Chicago Metro Locksmith toll free number handy for when you need it most.